80’s Rock Star Women of All Time

I grew-up in the 80’s rocking out with the sounds of “Girls just to wanna have Fun”, by the awesome punk style Cyndi Lauper!  The title of this song is one of the Hip Hit’s Wonder of this stylish singer.  It will never get old or boring! It crys youth and never-ending Fun!  Our record player was booming with sound!  “Goonies”, a popular 80’s movie starring Sean Astin and Corey Feldmen had Cyndi on their t.v. at “The Goon Docks.”

Another favorite is Madonna!  Her unique style was another trend, the generations embraced and loved!  “Lucky Star”, I was introduced on the television.  I even had her song “Dress you up”, as my favorite one to be used for my Birthday Party at the Skating Rink.  The memories of my childhood had many fun moments because of the music of these ladies.  “Desperately Seeking Susan.”, my sister and I were thrilled to see her act in this movie.

Last, but certainly not least is Pat Benatar!  Another stylish Rocker I love!  “Love is a Battlefield”, also a major Hit and her song “Invincible”, was in a 80’s movie I really like called “Legend of Billy Jean”, starring Helen Slater, and Christian Slater.  All these Rocker women artists are memorable and will always be popular in the World!

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