Nugget the Chihuahua and Sir. Arnold the Cat

Nugget the Chihuahua and Sir. Arnold the Cat

Nugget and Arnold are both buddies! When Sir. Arnold became the newest member of the Wonder family as a special needs kitty. He has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, commonly known as Cerepral Palsy in humans. Nugget would clean Arnold after each meal because of his cordination and his adorable face needed attended to…well to his bigger brother Nugget, the nurse maid thought so. They would play together too. Arnold would roam around in his constructed wheel cart. My friend has another Cat named Julian, he’s a senior tiger and not included in this picture. He is very much apart of this special family! He is just as cute too 🙂 Later I’ll share his picture.

All animals are precious and innocent and deserve respect. I recommend adopting and fostering pets. I firmly believe if you want a pet, be prepared to have them for 14 years. Too many animals are being killed every day because owners don’t want the responsibility anymore. If you plan on moving somewhere that doesn’t allow pets than don’t buy one! They aren’t gifts under the Christmas Tree either. It’s that simple.

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