Speak with Careful Intentions

Speak with Careful Intentions

Words can Destroy Peace that surrounds you. It can destroy a person’s self-esteem too! Abuse isn’t only physical and sexual…Emotionally it’s as horrible as being raped! Your beating down a person and stripping a way their feelings. When another person does this to a child or another adult. Your creating two aspects of the innocent child. One your building a Monster, to carry out another clone of yourself. Secondly, this child will become emotionally distraught and will decide to either end their own suffering by running a way or ending their life. Instead of figuring out the damage you have caused and how this child or adult will manifest themselves into. Just Stop and think get help for yourself! There’s more than likable a reason why you are trying to hurt somebody else. Most likely you were too.

If you know of someone who is being abused…it could be an elderly person as well or even a pet. Do Not hesitate Call the Police and stop this abuse! If you don’t and ignore it for any reason You Are the Same Person, who is Killing this Person! I can guarantee you are and others will blame you as well for not stopping it! Have a Heart! Do the Right thing!

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