The Iconic Gold Medal Winner Dorothy Hamill

The Iconic Gold Medal Winner Dorothy Hamill

My Favorite Pro Figure Skater Dorothy Hamill, I even had her hair cut! (Laughing). She is the best champion of mine! One of my Dreams when I was a Kindergartner, is to become a Figure Skater! My family and I lived in Appleton, Wisconsin. We visited and skated on the ice to have fun 🙂 A lady was there watching me skate. There was three other adult skaters I was skating near and started to mimic their moves. The lady approached me and my mother. She was a coach for a ice skating organization. She wanted to coach and teach me with my mothers approval. My mother loved the idea, but sadly we were moving soon out of the area. I had a chance to work hard and become a professional. The coach viewed me as a natural at it. I was able to catch on quickly. I had other opportunities in my childhood to be molded into different exciting careers. The time frame was off and moving many times, always got in my way of my predestined purpose. As an adult I will live out my dream and become a Figure Skater. I found a Skating Organization in Harrisburg. I will be becoming a member soon! I’m pricing skates at this time. I’m so excited!! Wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes 😀

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