The Hottest Car Movies

The Hottest Car Movies in the World! First thing people might think of as their favorite car movies. The Fast and the Furious I would feel would be number 1! The most tragic by far is loosing their beautiful and loving heart R.I.P Paul Walker! The adrenaline induced sexiness of Actors and their automobiles along with villains and plenty of Racing! Sleek and Sly Sexiness by far!

Another movie I recommend is “Gone in 60 seconds”, same with sexy all around. Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie and R.I.P Robert Duvall. All the actors in this movie along with the above one’s I mentioned are pro’s in the industry.

The newest addition I would like to see is from the popular “Need for Speed” video games. It looks like another hit action packed movie! I’ll have to watch it and let everyone know what I think about it. Can it rank as high as the others? Only time will tell.

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