Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson was an Earth Angel! R.I.P The love in his soul came through his music as a message of hope. He sang about various topics includes a song called “Man in the Mirror”. We can change to be compassionate, giving, and empathetic human beings. His caring nature shown for the whole world. It reflects that even though we live in an imperfect world… we can take responsibility for our own actions.

If more people helped the homeless and the hungry, they would have a better life and opportunities as everyone. One day it would be nice to see a world where judgments didn’t exist. A peaceful world without hate and stereotypes. No wars! Hope isn’t a dream of fantasy. The starving world countries and the elderly… there is someone we probably know that needs help. It could even be ourselves that need support and caring people to help. Asking for Help takes strength doesn’t prove your weak!

Make the World a better place to live in. It starts with a random act of kindness. Thank you for viewing and following my Blog ❤

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