Talent to Success; Philosophy

Talent to Success; PhilosophyTalent to Success

There’s numerous degrees of a persons success. Some people have different views in which they believe a person is successful. Money, seems to be of the most importance as a claim to strive for in your life. The more you move up the ladder of power in a business classification job description is highly regarded as being successful. The increase of your job duties that pay more you may discover is a profitable outcome. A big majority of people strive for this opportunity. The talented and creative majority may want recognition and become famous and rich. The music industry, movies, television, artist, and authors ect…can obtain this level of success. Another category of success has nothing to do with the main idea of $$$. Some individuals feel being blessed with a loving family is a better endeavor. I do agree with this too, but we all know you can be successful in more than one way. Servitude and Volunteering is another occupation that delivers a caring and heart-felt pursuit of accomplishment. Some people can be paid in this career or not and even climb higher to promotion. You can be rich in other ways of your life! If you believe in Jesus the riches are in his kingdom in heaven. Not of this earth. I believe I covered the categories, but there might be more of them out there. I can appreciate the efforts of each one. I have accomplished a lot in a couple of ways I have listed here. The fame and being rich is the hardest one out there. I don’t have to achieve that level to be satisfied with my life. I am very much happy where I am at and blessed! Have a Great Sunday! 🌹

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