Donation Button on a Blog

Donation Button on a Blog

A Donation Button? This is the first time hearing about this. A kind gentlemen left a comment on my Blog, that he would donate to it! When I heard donate I think of charities to raise money for children and animals ect…and yes, I would do that. That wasn’t what he was referring to. He likes reading and viewing my art on my Blog.

I’m not sure about having a Donate Button? I don’t want to upset others with having one…but Adsense isn’t on my Blog to make any type of income. I wouldn’t expect anyone to donate to my Blog. It was hard to wrap my head around this that this man felt it was good enough and entertaining enough to be considered. My Blog isn’t perfect! I do love posting and creating I guess it’s a dream if you can be paid for what you love to do. Who wouldn’t? What do you think? Should I? If I do please don’t feel I think highly of myself. Thank you for reading! 😄

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