Rose in Vivid Color

Rose in Vivid Color

The Rose is beautiful in every shade of color. The Rose has it’s own unique individuality. Each color represents a different representation. They can resemble people too. In which way? People are beautiful too! I do believe the inner beauty is the most attractive in a person’s chemistry! A gift that keeps giving and will not wither away. The Love in your Heart creates the magic and it touches other’s lives…and the miracle happens. The Miracle that gets passed on to the next person and the next…

What an Awesome Creation everything is! I wanted to share my thoughts and art work with you all. Talk to you soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rose in Vivid Color

  1. Flowers and their delicate beauty resonate a softness upon observation. Possessing our senses we are compelled closer, with our hearts. The alluring fragrance it emits can be summoned up with a thought from a previous memory. No actual touch is necessary to enjoy the connection you are feeling in that moment.


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