Good Morning without Coffee the dilemma!

Good Morning without Coffee the dilemma!

Good Morning without Coffee the Dilemma! Yes, it is true I’m without my companion, my delight of fresh and true Coffee. I got caught-up yesterday with all the necessary things that had to be done. When I was ready for bed…my subconcious made a regretful message that we are not having coffee in the morning! No!! How will I ever wake-up properly without smelling it’s aroma from the kitchen and down the hallway? I’m sitting here writing this entry without the sweet bliss filling my nostrils. How is it that I can write without it? I believe the taste is what wakes my senses and I love it! I’m not really thinking at all of the caffeine of it. I have had half and half caffeine and non whats so ever. It’s clearly the taste I’m missing and addicted to.

Have a few cups for me this morning. I have to begin to move from my slumber…comfy lazy boy. Have a nice day!

9 thoughts on “Good Morning without Coffee the dilemma!

  1. NO IDEA how you managed, Kim ! I couldn’t. Set yourself up as I have to avoid this ever happening again: I shopped around online till I found a supplier of beans close-ish to me, and chatted to ’em on the phone; in the end the arrangement was that they deliver me a kilo of beans of their choice whenever I order. I always order a bit early, as I’m hopeless at judging how long whatever beans I have left will last; but better that than having a day or two without. Aaargghhhh ! – the very THOUGHT !


    1. That’s a great idea to buy it in bulk 🙂 Who is your supplier? I need to look into this! It was very tough to deal with and I’m out as we speak. It’s terrible! I’m buying a huge can of it today…Cheers to our Sweet Coffee!


      1. Ah … you buy it ground. Pas moi: my setup allows me to grind my own …
        and now with my new and wonderful grinder, I’m happy as a pig in shit. 😀
        And as I live in Sydney, Oz, you don’t really want to know my supplier, do you …? 😉


  2. Ah yes: Coffee! Teasing, tantalizing, aromatic alluring to the nose … and it tastes awful, one usually has to camouflage the taste with creme, sugar and God knows what bottled additives in order to drink enough to become addicted. And if the caffeine somehow fails to reach you, as with some of us, why bother? Except, of course, that everybody expects it of you.

    Not drinking coffee is to be socially suspect, unless one is known to be British, in which case it is expected though not accepted.

    Where I live, we add pinon nuts to it. They help a lot with the awfulness but we’re even less accepted than the Brits among real coffee folk. Nothing in this world is free …


    1. Yes, in the past it was awful to me, but the taste I really love now! It doesn’t have to be loaded with extras for a tastier experience. I can drink it black and any other way 🙂 Have a good day!


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