Night Owl Awake

Night Owl Awake

It’s 2:50 ten minutes shy of 3:00 a.m. And I’m still awake. I normally in bed tossing and turning your usual insomniac ritual. Fluffing the pillows countless times while the sheep in your mind don’t ever jump. They stay frozen in place awaiting your next command, but only look confused. Funny, how we make-up ideas to have a good nights sleep. We know we are never alone since, there is many others who deal with the same restless scenerio. You could have a sleep study like me, but there’s nothing they found for the advised reasoning of my problem. I woke-up in the middle of it at 1:30 a.m. And was asked why I woke-up? Funny, aren’t the specialized college funded technicians supposed to have the answers? I guess for me and others they don’t. It’s unfortunant really to be blinded by your own difficult complexity of the human body. The Mysterious Brain protected by the skull made of bone with wires glued to it. I don’t remember dreaming as of the cause to disturb my sleep. I would have to say on an estimate I sleep sound 4-5 nights a week. The only two days I’m awake is like now writing in my blog. I feel a sense of accomplishment loving what I do. What is the most concerning is the lack of sleep means…lack of complete brain functioning when family is awake. The famous brain fog. I do remember reading something that years are taken off your life. The only thing I can come up with it has to do with stress becoming more of a heightened state. In result more health problems and I have plenty of them. Don’t most of us?

Others give the excuse…when I’m dead I will get rest. Crazy thought there…your already taking a way from your life by not sleeping. If that were true your defeating the purpose. Yeah you might get more things accomplished, without proper rest we could be making more mistakes in life. Your proposal could be missing key points. Right at this very second I could be writing a mediocre post. Your family could be wondering why your not paying enough attention because your reflexes are slower. Your face could look gaunt-like and more of a zombie body can be perceived. Scary for our kids! Maybe I should video tape myself when I have the brain fog. It could be my little science experiment.

Thanks for reading my ramblings of a Night Owl Awake…try to sleep 🙂

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