Quote; Memories of Old and New Friendships

Memories of Old and New Friendships

Memories of Old and New Friendships The friendships we acquire through out the years are the most adoring times of our youth. The times outside drinking lemonade during the warm summer days. The neighborhood cook outs and block parties. You may of rode horses together and went creek stumping. Your best friend and you could of jumped into the water hole or swimming pool. The fun times and staying on the phone for hours while your parents griped (Laughing)

The loss of a friend because of an accident or a fight can be damaging to ones brain. Apart of this entry is to remember the good times and try to forget the bad times. Another loss that can be temporary is when a friend moves. What I mean is that can be a temporary situation…can be different location and another is fights can be temporary. Saying your sorry even if it’s not your fault can break the tension barrier between each other. You do have communication by phone, letters, skype, and email. Your Facebook is a great way to keep linked-up to your BFF’s. Sometimes your not able to stay in contact or able to find them. It’s very sad! The times have changed and people do change too. Your adults now and you might have your own family. Your careers could be another reason your time can be consumed. There is always hope! I have lost friends in the past the heart-ache is overwhelming! What’s great about people is there is plenty of them out there. They need friends too. You will make new friends, but not to replace the old ones. It’s just a known fact. I’m greatful for the friends I went to school with and the greatest of times together. I still consider them friends…we are just not in contact anymore. Everybody, during the years make even more friends and continue on their lives.

Enjoy your youth and make as many best friends you can and make the greatest memories with them. Do not take them for granted because one day they might not be there to help pick-up the pieces. Your never alone in this world!

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