Stop Puppy Mills by Adopting!

Stop Puppy Mills by Adopting!

Stop Puppy Mills by Adopting! Yes it is very True all puppies behind bars in at pet stores are slaves of greed! The Puppy Mill supplies the shops and paid a lot! Did you ever see those prices on the cages? Ridiculous! You can adopt cute and adorable furbabies at your local SPCA…without spending a fortune! It’s not even about our wallets. It’s the fact that the extreme conditions these puppy mills are in…small cages, not enough food, laying in their feces. Cruelty behavior and abuse to be forced as Sex Slaves! These precious victims need help and your voice to stop this from continuing. Tell your friends, family, Facebook friends, and twitter feed ect…Don’t buy Animals from the Pet Shop anymore! Adopt only! It’s the only way to put these Puppy Mills out of business. I feel the Puppy Mills should be Forced to be Shut-Down and Justice needs to step in for all the abuse these poor babies are going through. How would they like it if the shoe was on the other foot? Karma will happen for sure! Research and find out what other ways to Stop Puppy Mills. Thank you! 😦

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