Another Day In Paradise

Finding the beauty and brilliance of a person isn’t a mystery…if you take time to learn about an individual and actually care! You may be surprised in what you find. The more love…you have the more you can find others that are as deserving. We all are deserving of it’s true magic. It’s the truth in a persons beauty within themselves…that we all are created in beauty…our creation and the possibilities of us. We can unlock the mystery. The golden light that shines from a person’s eyes…when you listen and care for somebody…even a complete stranger. It helps that you were shown unconditional love while growing up and that it grows and blossoms into who we are today. The empathy is present as your heart goes out to people whom are less fortunate. Love is addicting and contagious…pass it on❀️ How precious is that? It can’t be measured πŸ™‚ Have a Positive Friday!

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