Voice for the Endangered

Voice for the Endangered

Voice of the Endangered! Wolves are powerful and beautiful! Some people are terrified of them. I’m sure you have heard this before…what people fear they destroy! These precious wolves made by the creator are killed. They deserve better and I have written other installments in my blog…defending nature and the innocence. We have plenty Endangered Species being wiped out by man’s greed, pollution, fear ect…ect… I don’t care what the scientific evidence says…no disrespect! I’m not saying their education is wrong in any way. We are all contributing to the down fall of our society and our environment.

I would really love our planet to be a safe haven for all things small and tall. I know theirs others like me out there…and their efforts for their voice for animals are recognized. We are trying and changing for the better. Justice is changing too and finally making abuse of animals a Felony! Thankfully…it’s a relief! Maybe now these innocent victims will live safely and abuse will decrease considerably!

How can You help? Theirs organizations out there fighting to end these terrible circumstances….look it up and join or even donate will help end this unforgivable means…in my eyes it is!

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2 thoughts on “Voice for the Endangered

  1. When will people learn. Wolves will not attack people unless they are rabid. They are beautiful animals, deserving of long happy lives in their native environment, free of encroachment by human predators. They were here first, we came last. Give them their dignity and their freedom.


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