Boycott Circuses Abusive Evidence

Boycott Circuses Abusive Evidence

Boycott Circuses Abusive Evidence!

The Video is proof against these handlers at the Circus. A young girl and family view horrific truth about what happens in every day circuses. The handlers using bullhooks to hit these innocent Elephants! You can hear or imagine their cries! Sick human beings! You should be ashamed of yourself! I’m outraged and plenty other people are and speaking out! These Circuses have the wrong people working for them! There should be a security clearance check before hired of any past history of abuse. I feel it’s common sense that even in history these acts of torture is an every day tactic to destroy the kindness of these precious beasts. Then people wonder why they turn on their handlers. They have every right to defend themselves they are not like us to speak up and talk to let you know It’s Wrong! These poor beautiful creations are Slaves to our population. No Animal should be a Slave! Circuses should be a Shut Down for Good!

PETA on Facebook is where the information I received it from. I signed a Petion online to Stop and help the defenseless animals in circuses. Your help to sign and not participate in going to circuses would greatly help! Take a stand with me and many others to end this abuse.

Since the evidence is online I pray the law moves in and charges the abuser or the company itself to allow this to happen. The company can’t act like their blind to this! Wounds on the inflicted speak volumes or if their more agressive or coward to someone working in the company. There is Signs everywhere it’s caring and loving these animals not ignoring their screams. If you work there or see the circus do not be silent! Abuse is a Felony Charge I really hope these handlers get fired never allowed to work with animals again and serve time. No it’s not harsh of a punishment…when these animals are tortured all their lives! It’s actually very tame of punishment compaired to what these handlers do!

Please sign the Petion thank you from our Animals!

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