No Hate in What We Create

No Hate in What We Create

There’s nothing wrong with having money! I want to make this clear…we can’t live unfortunantly without it. Everybody has responsibilities and to take care of their families. You either make a considerable amount for a living or not enough. Less stress when your comfortable…your bills are paid on-time. Your not scrounging to feed the babies. I get it!

There is more to life than $$$ the dollars inside your wallet or lack of! Some people feel and treat others less fortunant wrongly! The honest hardworking man/woman should be respected…not torn down as a low-life! Nobody is better than you…we are all Rich in other ways! We do all have Riches! If you have a healthy family your providing for…the LOVE is your Riches. You could be a starving artist, but being able to create is your Riches. You have power within yourself in what your talents are. You might say “I don’t have any talents”. Maybe not in the ways your looking or consider to be talents. Stay at home moms and dads…are hard workers too!

Life isn’t guaranteed to anyone…it’s how you choose to live. I wouldn’t want the lack of funds in my bank account control me and my attitude towards others. I’d rather be known of having a caring and compassionate heart and treat everybody with respect and non-judgements. You can have money and be a loving person and donate to charities.

Be the Best you can be! Treat everyone you come across with Respect! They may not have it as good as you, but don’t judge and treat them unequal! Ignorance can consume your Soul.

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