Animals don’t Ignore People Do

Animals don't Ignore People Do

Animals don’t ignore…people do! My Star Cat Luna…she has been on my blog before. She’s a gorgeous baby!

I wanted to make this post because it’s not that I don’t have faith in people, but we all could learn from our animals. We feel the same as they do. If you ignore your pets…they feel broken and depression can set in. It is the same reactions! People, we care about can mistreat you in many shape or forms. What we can do is either talk about it and work towards a solution. You can only work things out with others are willing to put in 100% effort…same with you. People can resolve their differences! Sometimes your better off leaving the situation…instead of the continuous feeling of being ignored and abused. And yes, ignoring someone is as bad as physical abuse! Break the cycle and never become the people who hurt you. You deserve the happiest life!!

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