Party Art Music Video

  “Party Art Music Video”,  is one of my Newest & Greatest!  I Love how it looks and it makes you want to dance! 

Life is about having fun!  Fun does not always require money all the time.  Your mind has an imagination.  I have an Idea!  Instead of staying inside and playing your video games…go outside and hang with your friends!  Dance, create a variety show, ride bikes, and it’s summer time the local pool is open.  Don’t get into trouble now…that isn’t the type of Fun I’m referring about! 

Soon School is back from Summer!   Important Trips with your kids…No “Disney World” doesn’t have to be the expensive place to be!  Amusement parks and camping outside in your yard, are only a few examples.  Family time is really important!  Become the Fun Responsible Parent…these are the times and the memories to make!!  Your family will Thank You!  Don’t you want to see your kids…not wasting their time and health on those video games?  Balance is key!  They will go through withdrawal and temper tantrums will happen. Seek with Caution! lol  Your kids might not always understand…but guaranteed later they will.  My son plays video games, but having a limitation on those games are very crucial with their development.  Their brain wont become a flesh eating zombie.  Their Brains and bodies are lacking the stimuli, they do need to grow and become stronger. Think about it 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed my post and video on youtube…thanks!! 

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