The Controlling Empire System

Basic needs

The Controlling Empire System:  We live in a world, where we have to have “Jobs” in order to survive.  The bills alone and taxes build in an exceeding rate!  Money is only paper, where it controls every individual striving to survive. It affects our family and home-life.  The decrease in Jobs and keeping your head above the water…is very difficult!  Our families suffer from the lack of attention…because those paper bills become the most important.  This is how we take care of our responsibilities and our families.  It really shouldn’t be this way…only my opinion.  What are our options?  Can this world change?  Anything is possible, but we have to keep in mind…it starts with ourselves.  Will we allow it to control us in a way…where we aren’t happy people anymore?  Because if we aren’t happy…than more than likely the people whom surround us aren’t as well.  They see you struggle…only to fall down countless times.  What I do is keep positive…even when you feel your loosing at this game…others have created to manipulate us into  Keeping Up With the Joneses!  I have nothing against people that do this.  It’s just not important to me or my family.  What matters to me is having the basic necessities to live.  Love, Food, Shelter, and Clothing!  And everyone I do talk to are in the same boat.  We are labeled the Middle class and Poor Class.

My post reflects today about Jobs!  I would like to hear from the audience about your job and whether your happy with what your doing?  You could of went to school for the job your presently working.  Are you fulfilled in what your accomplishing for your goals?  Do you achieve a satisfaction in your every day work? 

Including myself, I have had many jobs in the past.  Some were an awesome experience…and helping people seem to be what I am good at.  Some of my prior experience and job qualifications are and not limited to the growing process of climbing the ladder…I started off as an General cleaner and than a Floater position…and not long an Supervisor for a cleaning company.  I supervised the Gettysburg area, Littlestown, and New Oxford in Pennsylvania.  I liked helping the employees in more ways than just supplying the banks and the YMCA.  The communication and getting to know people was the highlight of my day!  Sometimes even helping on a personal level, where if affects, their home lives too.  Boosting self-esteem is clearly a remarkable and rewarding, not only to them, but myself as well.  The down falls were… physical demanding & damaging… traveling to each site and covering, when other’s were sick.  The hours of training employees for the buildings you managed.  The turn over rate was high.  I had to find another job suitable for me.  I would miss the people the most, but I wasn’t Wonder woman! lol

I received some college from HACC.  I was hired to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.  I worked the night shift.  A day or second shift position, would of been more beneficial.  Your more on a personal level with the elderly.  I have had some night owls to converse with and help.  That was fun…listening to their stories!  And feeling empathy for their struggles.  I noticed having a lot in common with these sweet people too.  The only down fall was the back breaking work…literally!  This was too physical for me as well.  I came into working for Bell Socialization as a Day Program Service Worker.  This job was the ultimate!  I loved helping Mental Heath, Mental Retardation, and Autistic people.  You were able to work on goals with them every day.  To improve their strengths and learn new ones.  I loved this job the most!  Unfortunately, my health was deteriorating at a faster pace.  I’m unable to work now and I wish I could again!  I miss everyone and their smiles!   Some may believe my writing is working…to a point it is, but I don’t look at it in that way.  Does it pay my bills?  Most skilled writers aren’t  even paid!  Sad, but true!   

I would appreciate any comments about your goals and experience in this world of work. Thanks so much for visiting me…soon I will write again.  Until next time…CHEERS!

4 thoughts on “The Controlling Empire System

  1. I can certainly see where you are coming from. I do however believe we get pigeonholed in how the money comes in. That in itself can be frustrating. I did see you had a few jobs where you liked the people, but the demands felt in other areas put strain on you. It’s my belief that a person wants to be happy in what they do.

    I’ll use myself as an example. I worked in one place for over 34 years, but my head gaskets (my brain) run hot and like the fast life in that of being ADHD, and it’s misunderstood. My focus isn’t parlayed to that of continually doing repetitious routines over and over. I drift off in areas that make me think and dream a bit. I’ve always had an inner drive but it hasn’t really correlated into happiness. And you are absolutely right that “it takes guts to live outloud.” I’ve been spilling my guts in poetry for quite some time, and it’s all an inside thing in retreats away from an arena that doesn’t bode well for me.

    I know what you are saying as to writers and making a buck. The artistic expression of a writer in the creative has to work harder to get heard. Keep pushing and striving in the direction of which you are headed and think being an entrepreneur in doing what you want to do that makes you happy.

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I agree and having ADHD, myself…can be difficult. Focusing on more than one thing at a time, I don’t feel is a hindrance. We are the Best multi-taskers lool Take Care 😀

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