Food’s Deadliest Killers

I knew for awhile I would be posting in my Blog about Cancer and other health problems! I try to listen to my gut instinct on what comes to me to write about. There’s various subjects that float around a writer’s mind! One isn’t more important than another, but this subject is an epidemic as the number one killer of the world! It’s the mother load Shark of all! A group of Great Whites can’t even compare to the years of damage and despair and pain people go through having Cancer! This includes their loved ones helping and watching this murderer take their family and friends! The patient’s body fights and some can win into remission, but others aren’t so lucky! Birthday’s are missed and holiday’s are gone forever. Now, let’s look at some of the reason’s why we all are at risk!

One: MSG is a poison put into fast food that make us addicts/slaves for their food. I know people can cook really well and it doesn’t take a scientist to develop a burger in a kitchen. These companies think their smarter than their customers! Their providing the rope to hang ourselves with…others speculate and disagree, but it’s common sense if your addicted to fast food…your health is in danger. You become overweight and than obese. If your obese your risk of cancer skyrockets! This website contains the facts!

HMO: meat, fruits and vegetables genetically modified corn crap! Along with Pesticides on your food you buy. It’s linked too! I can taste it by biting into an apple. Can’t you? No thank you, makes my tongue numb…yuck!

Diet products, artificial sweeteners and Diet Soda: Aspartame causes many chronic illnesses and including seizures and death! You think your able to enjoy sweets without the guilt. That’s what they want you to believe.

Gluten: is Glue!! How can this be legal? Poison’s being allowed in our foods our children’s foods! Here’s a link more about that killer!

Now why does a Global Killer like Cigarette Companies and Alcohol Companies allowed to still make these addictive products…that cause cancer and organ shut down?Money, the love of it…is the root of all evil! We take the bait like mind-controlled zombies watching commercials advertising these harmful substances. Sorry that’s cramming lies down our throats!

Protect your health and your families. Become educatedand speak out against it! Thank you!

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