A Starving Artist’s brings “Forces in Bloom”, by Kimberly Moore into a Blog

A Starving Artist’s brings “Forces in Bloom”, by Kimberly Moore into a Blog.  Like most…whom have experienced the struggle with their career in the writing field…it isn’t easy to become relevant into the world of expression.  I have even written for sites like Triond and Associated Content.  The great part of those is you get to make loads of friends…working for the same ultimate goal!  To become a better writer, sharing your experiences, teach insight, and maybe make a few extra cents to help out.

I jumped ship and I created my first Blog a few years back.  How exciting to share my creative writing!  http://treasuremoorepoetry.blogspot.com/  AdSense, is on this site, but it wasn’t going anywhere!?  I self-published my first poetry book from lulu.com.  It was great experience I was on my way!  I was stuck once again…unless you had the money for marketing for PR.  Starving Artist salary…nope doesn’t exist!

Next venture for my book was to sell it on Barnes and Nobel!  I sold it on an Pubit.com and you receive royalty rates. My book become an E-book for sale.  It’s been several months and not even one taker!  Apart of me…wondered maybe if I should think twice about writing?  I’m writing other books as well.  Will I have the same difficult experience? How long can you actually wait for a pay check?

I made a big decision yesterday and posted on my page on facebook what I was planning to do.  I figured I would rather have my work being read than getting paid for it.  If my followers enjoyed quality work and my message…why not!  This is it everyone!  I will be posting my book on a regular basis.  I hope you like it!


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