Loyalty Rings the Bell


Image by Clipish

Loyalty Rings the Bell:

The loyalty of family and friends are very precious in our eyes. When trust is one of the most important aspect’s of a person’s character. When people’s vulnerability is compromised, they question who is actually in their corner. Even if the question doesn’t have a complex answer.  The lies and unfortunate actions can destroy a person’s will to be able to trust individuals again. It ends up leaving the person unsure and in pain! That is why people will say, they will forgive and not forget.  If the scenario of betrayal is too great, time may not heal old wounds.  Some people may continuously betray your trust!  Some people feel that is the worst case scenario, but actually healing yourself is the most important. That letting go of the person…allows the mistrusted to evaluate and to make themselves better people.  If they do learn from their past mistakes.

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