Mulberry Lair Shop

Hello and Welcome to Mulberry Lair Shop. The Shop is NEW on  I am one of the creators and owners. I help along side of my partner…and we have taken our vision of craft and developed, Home from the Sea idea. The products are made to order and can soon be purchased from ebay too. We will be branching off into other themes. We want to attract your interests. If your not much into the Summer Beach Craze…don’t worry I am sure new idea’s will form into a pleasing product you might want to take home to your significant other, or your office’s window even.  The Sunlight dancing off and through our craft is memorizing and beautiful.

Who wouldn’t want to be on Vacation for 365 days a year!? I know that would be a dream for many and not quite be possible!  This is the inexpenceful way to bring you the beach theme decor.  Feel free to comment any ideas…would you like a Birthday theme, romantic flower theme, or wedding? Comment below and if you like what you see…favorite us on etsy.


Since…I have started writing in my blog and now creating fun projects. Fuels me with more appreciation and very thankful to all of you…for reading my blog! I hope you enjoy my video too!  The most important thing in this Blog is being able to reach out to you. Thank you for following along on my journey!! Please don’t forget to Comment I look forward to your suggestions!

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