Death Sentence by Nicotine Killer

I haven’t given up!! I will continue to fight this addiction, forever how long it takes! I will take this challenge and fight one step at a time. I will keep you updated as well.  Hello and Welcome back to my next installment 😀


This is an continueation of a youtube diary…I tried to begin. It was successful in the sense, that I quit smoking, but didn’t last, like countless other times 😦 Here’s the Video again, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Video Diary Day 1 without Smoking! Help!!!:  I wasn’t expericenced with creating video’s and I’m still learning youtube. That isn’t really what is important… journey hasn’t ended and I can still redeem my life, hopefully. You know those smoking commercials, that scare and freak you out… by their testimonies? I can understand why their message is brought into our homes, starring you right infront of your face. The covering of your eyes, while you hide from diabelief, inside your livingroom. The advertizements have changed from the old Hollywood; James Dean and John Wayne puffing a way happily. Now, the truth about what Smoking, actually looks like now…It is Grotesque! We were all fooled on how sexy it was preceived!


Thankfully other Stars like Brook Sheilds, took a stand in the 80’s!  Smoking Companies; have been stealing our lives! Their sucking our soul, each-time we in-hale, like a demon in disguise.

I still will never know, how it’s legal, to manufacture a product that kills you?!  Yes, I understand freedom of choice and will too.  That could be another topic for another day. Thanks for reading…and take care of yourself!

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