Nature’s Development of Human Similarities

The Mind Unleashed facebook image.

Nature’s Development of Human Similarities:  Worthy of Love?  We all are…even the smallest of all creatures!  When a child grows and learns from his parents…what would you want them to become? Is it even our choice as adults?  No, but we can mold, but Not Control!  I came across this image on facebook. I wanted to share it on this Wednesday morning. Good Morning!  I’m back again 🙂

I only want to share what my thoughts’s not a preachy blog!  I am human just like you…and I have no power of authority.  You can bet I will raise my kids to love and never look down on another person.

Inside my Mind:  The caterpillar is smaller in size, like the child in the picture.  The child is physically stronger compared to the caterpillar.  The parent is stronger than the child.  If the child is brought up to respect all living things…all is well!  The caterpillar will transform into a butterfly after the metamorphosis is completed.  The child will transform as well…both are alike, but different.  They both share similarites…if an adult decides to crush a caterpillar…that person made the decision to kill it.  If an adult decides to crush a child’s spirit.  What can likely happen to the child? Parents teaching to disrespect and breed hate;  will in-fact allow the child to kill the caterpillar, while it destroys both of them.

Children are delicate and need patience from adults. They learn on their own time, and develop on their own time.  If they choose not to be like you…remember my post.

Thank you, for visiting 🙂 Have a Great Week!!

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