Chronic Pain the Ailment of Life

Chronic Pain the Ailment of Life!  I would love to say I’m not a sufferer of chronic pain, but that would be a deception/lie! I decided to write a blog post, against the odds, inwhich I am currently indescribable pain. I feel I should be used to it, by now…but the pain comes ungrueling, displeasureable and unpredictable. Not every day has the same type. I felt it needed the lime light…for descussion and understanding.

The Cat is Out of the Bag folks.  If you ever wondered why I don’t write as much as most blogs.  You know the reason why now! I do know I am not Alone either…there’s plenty of people, whom are dealing with immeasurable chronic pain every day too. What hurts the most is when people think your healthy, because your not an elder. The battles of all ages, having even worse problems than even mine.

The Swelling of Chronic Pain
The Swelling of Chronic Pain

My lovely gift I received was in the year 2,000.  I was finally diagnosed and it took forever for it.  The pincushion I have underwent and became along with having surgeries too.  My next surgery will add-up to nine in total.  I still feel young inside, but my body doesn’t always want to believe it! I haven’t given up Hope, that one day my polyarthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, the list continues…VANISHES!!

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