Nittany, Vegan Pizza Review

Nittany, Vegan Pizza Review:

A Good friend of mine, LOVES Nittany Vegan Pizza.  I never tried it before, but having an alternative pizza that is healthier for you, peaked my interest.  A gluten-free dough with tomato sauce and Daiya cheese.  We even ordered it with vegan pepperoni.   Nittany, has a big list of chicken and beef items on their menu and if you are a carnivore.  They even sell beer at their location too.

A Newbie’s perception:  The waitress brought our pizza to our booth.  It didn’t take long…the colors of the Vegan alternative were different, that didn’t matter!  The smell was amazing!  I bit into it and the flavor was just like the regular pizza’s I have bought before.  The only difference was the cheese.  The Daiya cheese consistency, was more of a creamer taste.  My friend said she loves it and could eat it every day!  We had a pleasant time!  I didn’t feel sick afterwards, like many other times before, with regular pizza.  I would highly recommend it!

Nittany Pizza

2070 Springwood Road Queensgate Center York, PA 17403

717 – 650-2648

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