Home and Garden Magical Fairy & Ocean Dreams

Home and Garden Magical Fairy & Ocean Dreams

I always daydreamed of a magical land to vacation to… in my back yard.  I noticed little Christmas villages, trains, and other décor, that gave a calming effect to a house.  As a child, I planned on collecting these little treasures to add near a fire place.  When your little, your blinded by the prices! The beauty captivates your eyes… and in the mind POOF…you are in a little dream world.

The prices, I learned were a bit too steep for my pocketbook. Through out the years, I have collected dolphin statues and anything, that had to deal with the ocean.  I still do…want to add to my collection of beach scenery.  Maybe one of these days I should move to one…lol Enough about that…that is another article to share my vision.

Fairy houses caught my eye too!  In a previous post I painted a medieval Fairy door 🙂  It wasn’t my plan, it just developed that way.  I guess I have to start somewhere…

The Georgetown Home and Garden Tea Pot House

This divine tea pot house will have to be my first purchase!



White Barefoot Sandals Beach Wedding Foot Jewelry Anklet with starfish and Real Shells

I’m unable to resist this piece of jewelry. Who cares it’s for a wedding…I’ll wear it around the house lool ;D



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