Key Ingredients to Melt Stress Away

Key Ingredients to Melt Stress away


The Key to unlock paradise, is essential to have a feel good attitude.  And to accomplish this, is to fight against daily stressors, that build up!  The world has many of them! Protecting ourselves, is to maintain a healthy balance.  It doesn’t require a lot of money…you may have these miracle workers around your home.


STRESS:  is a Door, that needs to be unlocked in order to feel renew from within and outwards.  If a blockage happens in your body, like your heart the blood flow can’t aid in a healthy body and mind.  In this example of stress, is the blockage… I found a few things, that can help guide you to melt away stress.

Easy Recipe & healthy for the skin:

Sweet Lemon Honey Scrub:  All you need is granulated sugar, honey, and lemon. Mix together and apply to your skin…the combination will help to make you feel beautiful or handsome because this is for everybody.

Next you NEED:  A tub or a hot tub.

Essential Oils:  Lavender, Vanilla, Rose, Chamomile any of these will do.  Put a few drops in your steamed tub to relax.  I wouldn’t recommend putting the oil in a hot tub.  The tranquil scents, that fill your bathroom and nostrils will calm and give a soothing experience.


Me Time:  Sometimes being by yourself, with nothing distracting is going on… helps too.  If that isn’t an easy task, like many parents it’s not.  You may have to wait until your children are fast asleep in their beds.  Your kids will notice a change in you by morning.

Candles:  The battery operated flameless candles…I think are a real nice addition to any home and peace of mind.


Soothing Music:  I feel hearing the Ocean or light Rain, makes you feel grounded. Quieting your Mind and listening to nature is very beneficial.

99 cents


Drink:  Chamomile Tea, if you like it.

Bed Time:  Falling asleep to earth and nature sounds.  The same ones, from your bath.  You want to relax your brain waves.  It could possibly disrupt the process.

Good Night & Pleasant Dreams



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